Below we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about long-term parking for you. If you have any other questions regarding long-term parking, please feel free to contact us:

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To enter the number plate correctly, first select the country in which the number plate is registered. Then the rest of the number plate can be typed in the field next to it. It is important to use upper and lower case letters and to enter spaces between letters and numbers, because this is the only way to ensure the uniqueness of your number plate. Within Austria, the spaces are also crucial, because otherwise the standard and desired number plates could have the same entries. For example, in this case:

WU SCHI 1 and W USCHI 1.

Simply search for the desired location on and from there go directly to our APCOA Portal. There, simply select a rate and order completely digital in a few minutes! 

The long-term parking permit will be sent by mail to the specified address after the order confirmation.

At the end of the long-term parking subscription (end date as per confirmation of cancellation), the long-term parking permits must be returned to us immediately thereafter by registered mail (APCOA PARKING Austria GmbH, attn. Customer Accounting, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 146/13A, 1030 Vienna) or handed in at the respective location, if staffed. 

The service flat rate covers a free replacement of the permanent parking permit in case of theft or loss. In addition, we provide 24/7 availability of our call center - should the journal service be required, it is free of charge. In addition, our PARKMEMBERCARD can be applied for at locations with automated barrier systems with a discount of around 15% on the short-term parking rate. 

The monthly usage fee is always due in advance on the first of each month. For SEPA direct debit, the amount is debited automatically; for direct debit on account, we recommend setting up a corresponding standing order.

No, we issue so-called "permanent invoices". This means that the first permanent invoice is sent with the conclusion of the permanent park subscription, which is usually valid until the end of the calendar year. A new permanent invoice is created and transmitted whena new calendar year begins there is a change in the long-term parking subscription (price adjustment, number of parking spaces.


In urgent cases (when entering or exiting the vehicle) please press the speech button on the entry or exit column. The call center will help you in this case. Otherwise, please send an e-mail to

Please send an e-mail to kundenbuchhaltung[at] In all cases, there is a one-month notice period to the end of the month, depending on any minimum terms. If the season park subscription is to be terminated e.g. with 30.06., the notice of termination must reach us by 31.05. at the latest.

We kindly ask you to accept that we do not intend to discontinue long-term park subscriptions. The reason for this is that we would have to take decommissioned long-term parking subscriptions into account when allocating further long-term parking spaces and thus risk a loss of capacity utilization. We therefore ask you to cancel the long-term parking subscription and to renew it if you need it again. However, we cannot guarantee availability in this case.

After the end of the permanent parking subscription and as soon as the permanent parking authorization (parking card, remote control, keys, etc.) is received by us, the deposit will be refunded, taking into account any balance, to the specified account. 

The general minimum term of a long-term parking subscription is 3 months. Deviating minimum terms are included in the respective tariff description. The minimum term means that the contract duration must be at least the number of months specified.

In this case this data must be updated in the APCOA Portal ( in the "Account Overview" section. If a new permanent invoice is required, please simply send an e-mail to kundenbuchhaltung[at]

Please send a short e-mail to dauerparken[at] We are working on making it possible to update the license plate in our APCOA portal ( soon. 

Payment by SEPA direct debit is possible as long as it is a bank account in an EU country. 


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