Flexible storage space in locations in the city centre and directly accessible by car if required


Our storage boxes are currently only available at the location listed - please contact us if you need them at another location.

We will be happy to find a suitable solution for you!

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With the lockable STORAGE BOXES from APCOA, you have the option of storing bulky or heavy items and having 24/7 access to them by car:

  • Car tyres
  • Bicycles
  • Bicycle trailers
  • Sports equipment
  • garden equipment and tools
  • the shopping trolley

In short, everything that takes up too much space at home but still needs to be conveniently accessible at all times.

The lid can be folded up easily due to two shock absorbers, so that the full standing height is available for loading and unloading.

The price for a storage box is based on the common storage offers, in the area where it is located.

The service can be booked flexibly in the form of a subscription model. For loading and unloading, one hour of parking is free of charge! However, a combination with a long-term parking subscription is also advantageous.

You can get the storage boxes at these locations in Vienna
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BRAND NEW: Storage space in our "Storage boxes"
Mariahilfer Straße - Vienna | APCOA
Mariahilfer Straße 123, 1060 Vienna
Mon - Sun
Open all day

Subscription types

Park & store
You can charge your electric car on special spaces in the car park
An elevator or lift is a type of vertical transportation that moves people or goods between floors (levels, decks) of a multilevel carpark.
You get a signal so you can use your phone.
Parking guidance and information (PGI) systems, or car park guidance systems, present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas.
A central customer service center where you have call/mail/chat
Snack vending machine on site....is an automated machine that provides items such as snacks, beverages to consumers after money.
There is a 24/7 video surveillance
If you are a woman or a family, you can use special spaces which provide [features like good lightning...]
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From 180€ per month

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The most important questions about the storage boxes

Just send us an email at office(at)apcoa.at and we will be happy to get in touch with you.

You can lock the storage box with your own padlock. The storage box is equipped with appropriate mechanisms for this purpose.

The storage box is suitable for heavy items, such as:

  •     Car tyres
  •     Bicycles
  •     Bicycle trailers
  •     Sports equipment
  •     garden tools and implements
  •     Shopping trolleys

In any case, the storage of flammable and explosive substances is prohibited.

The storage boxes are fixed to the wall for theft protection. They cannot be used for transporting from A to B.

The dimensions of the storage boxes are 3.65m x 1.80m x 1.4m. This corresponds to a storage space of around 9m3.