Park at night and pay monthly: with a oarking subscription you can drive in and out flexibly - and that for an affordable tariff.

 You live near one of APCOAs parking locations? APCOA offers cfavorable flat rates for all who park regularly and longer than 3 months in the same car park.


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How APCOA subscription parking works

1. Select location

Simply search for a suitable location near you on the APCOA website. The long-term parking options available at the respective location are listed under "Parking products". Clicking on "book now" will then take you to the APCOA portal. In the APCOA portal you can then make changes to your booking if necessary. You can pay conveniently by SEPA direct debit or invoice - the debit or payment is always made in advance on the first of the month.

2. select minimum term

Our long-term parking subscriptions have a fixed minimum term and then continue indefinitely. You enjoy price advantages for a longer commitment period. Our subscriptions can be cancelled at the end of the minimum term with one month's notice.

3. Flexible parking

You will receive your parking authorisation medium and information on how to use it by post in time for the start of your subscription! In the case of number plate recognition without an additional medium, we will inform you as soon as your number plate is activated. And that's it - from now on you can park at your chosen location in complete relaxation!

Frequently asked questions

 The long-term parking permit will be sent by mail to the specified address after the order confirmation.

The deposit is to be paid before the start of the garage use. The monthly usage fee is always due in advance on the first of each month. The payment will be carried out by SEPA direct debit, the amount is debited automatically.

No, we issue so-called "permanent invoices". This means that the first permanent invoice is sent with the conclusion of the permanent park subscription, which is usually valid until the end of the calendar year. A new permanent invoice is created and transmitted whena new calendar year begins there is a change in the long-term parking subscription (price adjustment, number of parking spaces.

SEPA direct debit is available as payment option.

The general minimum term of a long-term parking subscription is 3 months. Deviating minimum terms are included in the respective tariff description.

The cancellation of the long-term parking subscription is very easy: Simply send us an email to kundenbuchhaltung(at) After the minimum term has expired, the long-term parking subscription can be canceled with one month's notice.

Access depends on the car park that you subscribe to. Access will either be through number plate recognition, a RFID card or for car parks with no barrier your license plate is added to a list and will be displayed as long-term parking permitted when controlled.

Your access media will be sent after your subscription has been approved - just within a few days! Your access media and invoice is mailed directly to you. Start date for parking is shown on your subscription details.

Your initial subscription is for a minimum run-time. Once this expires, it conveniently rolls over into a monthly contract for peace of mind. You simply give one month’s notice to cancel your subscription. It’s as easy as that.

You can easily login to your account in our APCOA Portal and change your address. For changing your bank account or license plate details, please, send an email to kundenbuchhaltung(at)