We offer a wide range of products and parking options. Below you will find a brief overview and information about wich product is the best for you:


Short- term parking

Short- term parking means that you can park your vehicle at our location for up to two weeks without interruption. If you wish to park your vehicle continiously for longer than two weeks, please contuct us. Short-term parking is generally possible using the following media.


Parking with traditional parking ticket:

At locations with barrier control with parking ticket maschines, simply pull a parking ticket from the parking ticket machine for the desired duration and deposite it behind the windshield, clearly and readable from outside. At locations with barrier control, you simply draw a parking ticket upon entry, wich you pay before exiting.


Parking with APCOA Flow:

With our parking-App APCOA FLOW, you can park completely contact free and without cash. You can either book your parking time conviniently via the app (locations without barrier control and with parking ticket machine) or drive into locations with barrier control fully automatically via license plate recognition. Alternatively, you can also open the barriers cia QR code scan. Payment is always made via the paymant methode stored in the app.


Parken with NFC-Card:

At selected locations with barrier control, you only need a NFC card (debit or credit card) to authorize yourself at the entrance. Payment is made directly at the exit.


Long- term parking:

Do you regulary park at the same location? And for at least three month? Then a long-term parking subscription is just right for you. You park for a fixed monthly price and can drive in and out as often as you like. You can also park your vehicle for longer than two weeks at a time and drive in, even if the display shows occupied. This saves you time and money.


Our long- term parking subscription at a glace:

Long- term parking 24/7 (day & night)

Long- term parking night (monda - friday, 5pm - 8am, saturday, sunday and holidays all day)

Long- term parking 24/7 Motorcycle