We know parking.

Our parking management services are divided into car park management for surfaced parking facilities, underground car parks and multi storey car parks, event parking; and car park surveillance. With more than 40 years’ experience managing car parks across 12 countries, we’ve got the local knowledge, the organisational skill and the technology to increase your revenue, raise your profile; and protect your property.

More than just a barrier.

APCOA is about more than just allocating parking spaces. We offer a sophisticated selection of ancillary services, including online marketing, e-commerce and parking management solutions; advertising campaign management; and cost and revenue control.

We’re controlling the flow.

We also deliver innovative traffic management solutions, cutting down congestion and waiting times in heavy traffic areas such as airports and live events. Our traffic management solutions use the same state-of-the-art technology as our parking management, for precision control of fast moving environments experiencing heavy volumes of vehicle traffic.

We innovate.

Our traffic and car park management expertise is invaluable in identifying areas for operational or technological improvement. We’ve designed and implemented brand new traffic management systems and pre-booking systems for some of the biggest and busiest clients in the world.

We never compete with property owners.

APCOA provides expert parking management and traffic control services to private property owners, investors and public bodies. We own no land or property and are never in competition with owners. As a leaseholder at every car park and taxi rank we manage, we’re completely independent and objective, able to design processes and services that raise the profits of our partners and clients.

We know how.

We’ve got knowledge gained from long-term parking management experience in 12 countries. Our regional managers use their local knowledge to design marketing and service plans for car park and property owners all over Europe. Every APCOA solution is made to measure and built on solid analysis and planning.

We add value to your parking proposition.

Our expanded services – valet parking, taxi management, enforcement, consultancy, advertising – add value to the package you offer your consumer. Take control of your revenue, protect your investment and do more with your space: all managed and run by APCOA PARKING.

Our portfolio makes us more than a car park operator.

When you look at our portfolio, you’ll see why we’ve enjoyed more than 40 years of successful car park management. Core products include:

  • Parking management
  • Taxi management
  • Shuttle management
  • Enforcement
  • Consultancy
  • Valet parking
  • E-business solutions
  • Advertising


A list of selected references is available on our APCOA Group website.


Case studies

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