Car park (surface) Höpflerbad - Vienna | APCOA


Endresstraße 24-26
, 1230 Vienna

Parking tariff

from €1.10 for 30 minutes
to €9.00 per day

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
Open all day

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Total Spaces
Höpflerbad - Vienna | APCOA-1
Höpflerbad - Vienna | APCOA-2
Höpflerbad - Vienna | APCOA-3


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Parking options

Parking Tariff

Per 30 minutes: € 1.10

2 hours: € 3.00

4 hours: € 5.00

6 hours: € 7.00

Daily maximum rate (for 24 hours): € 9.00

Car Park Description

The Höpflerbad is located in the south of Vienna and is therefore one of the comparatively less frequented Viennese summer spas. The APCOA parking lot is available on site at reasonable rates. So if you take the short trip, you can look forward to a peaceful bathing experience.  Even on hot summer days there is enough space and opportunity for a relaxed bathing day. Customers benefit from the favorable tariffs - it can also be paid simply & quickly with the APCOA FLOW APP. Long-term parking is available from October 1 to April 30 - out of season - at a monthly fixed price.


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