Below are some questions frequently adressed to our Customer Service Centre (CSC) or local teams.

A list of locations with e-charging stations can be found in this overview. Further details on the provider can be found on the detail page of the respective location. 

Usually these cards are "Nachsteckkarten". They have to be inserted into the pay machine after the parking ticket and before payment. The new tariff is then calculated accordingly and can be paid. By the way, this also works at the exit pillar.

In case of loss of the short-term parking ticket, please press the speech button at the pay machine. The call center will then issue a new ticket. The cost of losing the ticket is shown on the tariff board at the entrance. In most cases, however, it pays off to have a close look in your car or handbag

No, the guarding and safekeeping of the vehicle, its accessories and any objects in the vehicle or things brought in with the vehicle is explicitly not part of our services.

Entry is permitted with a vehicle powered by natural gas, but is strictly prohibited with a vehicle powered by LPG.