All our car parks are open and will remain open

To keep our customers and employees safe, we monitor the developments around COVID-19 closely and follow the recommended hygiene guidelines.

Keep on smiling

It might not be that visible when wearing a face mask, but we greet you with a smile. We recognized that traffic has increased since the lock-down actions were loosened. All our car parks have been open during the lock-down and will continue to be to ensure your mobility.

Our actions to prevent COVID-19 from spreading:

  • We increased our cleaning intervals with focus on payment touch points and door handles
  • We keep a distance of at least one baby elephant (= 1 meter) to customers and co-workers
  • We only come to work if we feel a 100% healthy
  • We pay great attention to our personal hygiene



What you can do:


  • Use our cash-less payment options
  • Keep distance to other people of at least one baby elephant (1 meter)
  • Wash your hands regularly