parking in Wien

Street Erdbergstraße 182
City 1030 Wien
Opening hours
Mon. - Sun. Open all day

Number of parking spaces  40

Parking tariff
Short term parker

First hour 2.00 €
Second hour 2.00 €

Daily max.

6.00 €

Payment: Only possible by means of coins, the amount must be inserted exactly!


The parking area Erdbergasse in Vienna provides parking lots, which are non-stop open seven days a week. This is combined with cheap flat rates. Hourly as well as daily flat rates are available.

Payment options
Pay with coins only Handy Parken

Parking area Erdbergstraße Vienna: Flexible and cheap parkpossibilities

APCOA provides parkpossibilities within parking garages or parking areas throughout Austria. For example in Erdbergstraße Vienna. The parking area Erdbergstraße offers 40 parking lots, which are non-stop open seven days a week. Disabled parking slots are existing and marked. Parking in this area is connected with cheapest flat rates. Both hourly rates as well as flat rates for a hole day are available. You can use this parking possibility for activities near this area or you can park your vehicle and continue with public transport. Bus and undergroundmetro stations are very easy to reach from there. Because the parking area is open 24 hours a day there are flexible parkpossibilities for activities throughout the day or evening, short term parking for having dinner and shopping or as park & ride and a continuation with bus or underground metro.