3rd APCOA PARKING Mobility Summit: The Challenges of Digitalisation

Stuttgart, 25. February 2016 – This year's APCOA PARKING Mobility Summit is taking place on June 28 in Berlin's Hotel Adlon. The international summit explores parking facility management trends and, with increasing numbers of participants each year, has become a firmly established  industry event. Inspired by the title “Disrupt or be disrupted,” national and international experts will discuss the challenges associated with the future of mobility. “The summit provides a platform for the industry to come together for an essential dialogue,” said Ralf Bender, CEO of the APCOA PARKING Group. “It's the only way we can jointly develop solutions for the multitude of economic and environmental challenges arising from urban mobility.”

Sooner or later our streets will be populated with self-driving cars, which is one of the reasons for parking facility operators to also develop strategies to address digitalisation. At this year's APCOA Mobility Summit the future studies and ideation scientist Alexander Mankowsky, a member of the team behind the development of Daimler's self-driving F015 prototype, will be sharing his insights into the future of mobility. Steve Banfield of Inrix will explain how forecasting parking space availability will improve life for motorists. A further “real world” case study will be provided by Thorsten Huck, Pricing Manager at Shell, on the subject of “Responsive Pricing at Filling Stations”. Rolf Nicodemus, Head of Connected Parking at Robert Bosch GmbH, will cover a range of topics, including advances in the sensor technologies used in parking facilities.

Which concepts will be the winners and losers? The 3rd APCOA PARKING Mobility Summit will address this question, along with many others, and provide its attendees with plenty of inspiration and food for thought. “The importance of the city as both a space to live and as an economic space is growing continuously,” said Ralf Bender. “When it comes to the future of urban mobility, networked parking facilities have a crucial role to play.”

Registration forms for the 3rd APCOA PARKING Mobility Summit are available online at www.heuer-dialog.de/veranstaltungen